Thursday, January 26, 2006


got the grany+survivol+kit, coming back through,gara nord arad..the Not domesticated or cultivated; wild: savage beasts of the jungle.
Its always dark when i see her. they always said "hury up when you pass through the portal" "never alone in da night", but the building -s got halucinogenik fairymenntalik powers, i feel them so deep,im falling again...
..... i saw this door.i miss everybody allready.Musn-t stop/ What da heck is behind this door? .nah here i go
>> there were som the top there where no lights...but i have my camera..i can use the flashlight..
shots>>> flash number one,one of her rebel warrior sun , its so silent..and dark..oh her voice again:TrenulYnterczzzzityCuD___ectiabdszzffff soseste in STatiepebzzzffffshhh telling me i saw too afraid again..last shot:::click,flatchhhh plfiiiiuu plffffiiuu******* ******* oneday il get back here! (my grany is waiting in fear, she's calling me..she wans to know if im safe bak on the net)ill hardly pass through, she-s stiking me on her wallss . again,im out of here !uff i lost the train again......hmmmm who r you? the tipikal question:what country r u from? i: arad! he doese not belive me...he askes for my adress,he begs me for a picture..i made this, meet one of her suns.they cannot see the way out,her new vertebrats are stuk he canot look upI think i-ll chek the bar...smels like unwhanted children here, yes you can sit at the table,im from arad,.oh ypu bought your clothes from bucrest with 200eu? walking alone in gara arad nord is dangeurous? ok i-ll make you a picture,hey you took my mobsoul of my mob mum, i think i need it bak but i-m not gonna fight for it,oh you wanna sell your baby? no i don-t wanna smoke.ok i'll take one,im faling again seeing her run with the the phone

the next morning i was on my way to timisoara.(brb)


Blogger flo' said...

gara din arad e un portal

10:05 AM  
Blogger grigore ureche said...

oai...da! and a lot of creatures from other dimensions are there too! creatures pe care numai in gara poti sa le vezi dupa aia difuzeaza in mase si nu le mai observi...

11:47 AM  
Blogger flo' said...

e ca in star wars sau star trek sau... men in black, locuri unde se intilnesc diferite rase, pamintene si ne-pamintene :))

si gara din tm are ceva potential

2:33 PM  
Blogger grigore ureche said...

schimbatori de valuta ferengi...razboinici klingonieni in in general multi romulani si vulcanieni...mi-e frica de o invazie Borg...prea nu am vazut niciunul prin gara...

10:24 AM  
Blogger flo' said...

mega-insecte care scuipa acid verde peste lucruri si oameni si ne-paminteni. si la contact cu acidul verde se topeste tot!!!

2:04 PM  

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