Thursday, January 26, 2006

hy, nice to see that there are survivors

i've been locked in here for ages....for a long time i've tryed to find out what happened but from a point i've started to loose hope...i've enbraced the ideea of dieng in this hole....
oh sory...i forgot to tell u about me.
i "live" in a bombshelter that my parents found when i was little, here i have all i need including a huge garden in wich i grow my food. today i found this public line, i thought nobody uses it anymore.
now that i've found people that try to find out what happened in....uh...i don't remember when it happened (uh...and sory for my spelling, i didn't realy spend time talking to people :) )anyway one thing i remember clearly, in one sunday at 12:15 AM(the hour is specific) i remember a huge bright light coming from everywhere, in a sec. me parents came in my room and hit me with something...the next thing i was in here.
a have a few "supositions" about what happened from some guys that i've talked with, but they all died with time....i don't know the year or the time in wich i am.

please tell me more about u'r life, where do u live how is it out there?
i knew a guy that had made a public line through his recorder, he lived outside, he allways told me about the air, i don't remember exactly how did he sayd it is, but i know that he had also improvised an oxigen-tube to walk outside, he said that the city is deserted, but at one poin he got realy scared...started running...i heard some dog one point he stoped...said:
"nothing surprises me any more"
and than i heard the horible sound of devoured meat for the first time.

i will continue updating this line with all the info that i collected over the years, i also have some drawings of the city as i remember it.

BTW: i almost forgoten, when i woke up in here i found some items that don't seam to fit into place, i don't know why me parents put them in here, i will post a list with them, maybe u can help me figure out what to do with them

keep updating


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